I’m Marissa, the recipe creator and food photographer for It’s All Good Vegan. I love to spend my days in the kitchen creating simple and healthy recipes. My mission is to educate others how eating plants can help you live a healthy, balanced life.

My Story

I was raised in the midwest around people that enjoyed hunting and eating meat on a regular basis. I learned quickly that this was just a part of the midwest culture. Although, this was the way I grew up I still always felt guilty for eating animals and couldn’t help but feel bad for the animals that were being killed. I knew at the time that I wanted to stop eating meat but was told, “Marissa that is so unhealthy”. “You are not going to get enough protein not eating meat”.  

It wasn’t until I graduated from college that I  realized that I was being told so many stereotypes and not real facts. So I finally made the decision to educate myself and begin eating a  plant based diet. I couldn’t believe after only a couple weeks of only eating plants I immediately felt a difference with my body. One of the many changes I noticed was the extra energy throughout my daily life, especially when it came to teaching.  From having more energy physically to taking a stance on animal cruelty, choosing a plant based diet was an easy one.

2017 is when I officially went vegan, cutting out all dairy products. It all began when my husband and I started watching vegan documentaries that informed us on what kinds of things were in our foods. Watching these documentaries got us to research and educate ourselves on what is actually being put in our foods (especially animal products) and how they affect not only our health but the environment in which we live. Since then we have changed our lifestyle and have cut out processed foods and try to only cook with organic ingredients.

Looking back on it today I can’t believe I waited so long to make the change to a vegan lifestyle. Growing up, I didn’t want to seem “different” or stand out being the only one not eating meat. I do wish I would have been stronger about my beliefs, but better late than never!  Now instead of feeling like an outcast, I feel proud to say I’m vegan.

I’m so happy you spent the time to check out It’s All Good Vegan. Please feel free to contact me below or on my contact page if you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi.