Kitchen Essentials

Whether you’re just starting out and need the basics or are trying to create a collection in your forever home, I’ve curated a list of neutral kitchen essentials that will work with whatever color scheme is in your kitchen space. Beauty, function and environmentally friendly are all important things I consider when choosing kitchen items.

I try to stay away from plastics in the kitchen, especially when cooking with heat greater than 158 degrees F. Check out this Women’s Health article for more information on how cooking with plastics could be harming you.

Instead, I try to use natural materials such as bamboo or wooden spoons and cutting boards along with copper or stainless steel measuring cups. I love a good cast iron skillet, ceramic bowls and utilize cotton or linen kitchen towels rather than synthetics. 

Below is a list of items to inspire you to curate and create your own beautiful kitchen while keeping the environment and your health in mind.

If you purchase something from the affiliate links I will receive a small commission. Comment below with any questions and as always, thanks for visiting!

I love this organic Teak wood set. Wooden spoons and spatulas won’t scratch your pots and pans are great to use for a multitude of tasks. Be sure to hand wash all wooden items in your kitchen as the dishwasher can damage the wood! 


This set of stainless measuring cups stacks so nicely to save space, is stylish and functional. 


I love to use different untreated brushes for cleaning vegetables and also for cleaning dishes.


This retro stainless steel kitchen timer is magnetic and can hang from your fridge! A timer will save you from burning the bread in the oven. 😉


I said goodbye to plastic bags and made the switch to silicone Stasher bags. They are great for taking on picnics, storing fruits and vegetables and you can even sous vide with them! They are non toxic and dishwasher safe! 



If you need to invest in a pan for your kitchen, a cast iron should be it! Cast irons are so versatile and heat nice and evenly for a perfect sear. They are both oven and broiler safe. 


Not a day goes by that I don’t use my kettle. I love this Rockurwok stovetop whistling kettle. I use it to heat water for my tea and coffee.


I’ve switched from plastic to glass storage containers for environmental and health reasons. I love this glass set of food storage containers with bamboo lids for their function and beauty! 


Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties, is strong, durable and a great alternative to wood. I love using bamboo cutting boards in our kitchen, and this set of three is perfect with versatile sizes.


I prefer to use natural fibers throughout our home rather than synthetics. This set of organic cotton towels are multipurpose and perfect for kitchen clean ups or cleaning produce. 


I use a microplane regularly in the kitchen for brightening and intensifying flavors. I use it with spices, citrus, nuts, ginger, chocolate, garlic and more.


I love this solid beechwood citrus juicer. It fits comfortably in your hand and works great. 

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  3. Some of my favorite essentials!

  4. Thank you for this. Your timing is good as I wondered what you used to blend up the tofu to make the shell pasta. I have a vitamix but I’m thinking that is really best suited for something that has more liquid. What would you recommend for blending tofu up with?

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